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New Podcast Filter Stories Serves Compelling Narratives from Complex Coffee Lives

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100 hours of work for a single 30-minute episode

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Finally!! A podcast reuniting my three passions: coffee, people and investigation documentary. If you happen to be a little bored about nerdy podcasts or very gobal ones, this is what you want: extraordinary life stories from ordinary people like you and me, all having one thing in common, coffee. The kind of podcast I wish I had produced!

OK Coffee Tips

Wonderfully charming and riveting stories

Brilliantly narrated, produced and researched not to mention seriously interesting stories. Coffee lovers or not, you'll love these.


For those who are fascinated about coffee substance

I was in another situation another reviewer explained. I stopped listening to podcasts because I felt they were superficial. Filter Stories is the opposite. This is real food for the brain, that leaves you satisfied. Absoutely great!


About the Host

James Harper

James Harper


An Italian Australian with a British twang, James fell in love with coffee as a teenager in Italy. He's worked across the coffee world but kept running against the same problem: nobody knew what was really happening. So he went off to uncover the reality and discovered uncomfortable, hidden truths. Armed with these stories and a background in storytelling, James started Filter Stories to help coffee drinkers understand how their morning cup of coffee impacts tens of millions of people.

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