Big and Small in El Salvador: Part 3

We meet a man who came from humble beginnings who has achieved what Armando and Maria have only ever dreamed about.


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Big and Small in El Salvador: Part 2

Imagine you’re a coffee buyer on a mission to buy Salvadoran coffee. We visit Armando and Maria’s farms. Which farm would you choose to buy from?

Big and Small in El Salvador: Part 1

20 years ago specialty coffee patted itself on the back for saving coffee farmers, both big and small, from the misery of low coffee prices.

But what's it like for a small coffee farmer …

Unseen Bean: Part 1

Gerry has a disability that keeps 2 in 3 adults out of full time work.

But Gerry demolishes expectations over and over again.


Gerry’s …


What do you do when you want to buy a cafe but your country is collapsing around you?


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Mikhail is a specialty coffee barista. But he’s stuck on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

He doesn’t want to be there and he’s trying to get off. But he can’t. There are boats …


What were your dreams at 16? Sofía lives on a remote coffee farm in Nicaragua and hers is to be a great english translator.

But Sofía needs school …


In Central America, you can’t tell the story of coffee without mentioning war.

This is Alfonso. He's hugged Fidel Castro and President Reagan …


Tito lives on a mountain in Panama, is a rebel and doesn’t listen to anyone.

Which is why he makes a terrible decision: he buys a coffee farm instead of getting an education. Tito is now …


Raymond's family want him to spend his life using a horse instead of a car, to live off the grid and have little contact with the outside world.

But young Raymond is curious and explores the …

Berries and Lemon

Martin is the best barista in Kenya and has a dream to open a cafe. Except, he can't. Kenyans don't drink coffee.

But he has a plan: he’s going to win the World Barista Championships to …


Murray is one of Ecuador's most famous coffee farmers. But there's a problem: he's only earning $2 profit from 250 espressos. How does he survive?

While he struggles, his farm is splashed …


Sarah has just landed her dream job working as a barista for the best cafe in North Carolina.

Her cafe will soon be featured in the New York Times …

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