1) A Five Gun Salute to the Origins of Coffee

40 minutes

Here’s a surprising fact: coffee was only invented around the time Michelangelo was chiselling his statue of David.

Why did it take so long for humans to invent the cup of coffee?

In this first episode of A History of Coffee, Jonathan and James unpack how humans figured out that delicious flavours were contained in the roasted seeds of a coffee tree’s cherries.

The answer has nothing to do with dancing goats...but, in some ways, it has everything to do with a shepherd in the forests of Ethiopia.

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A History of Coffee is a collaboration between James Harper of the Filter Stories - Coffee Documentaries podcast and Jonathan Morris, Professor of History and author of ‘Coffee: A Global History’.

Visit Jonathan’s Instagram (https://bit.ly/37eMS3F) and Twitter (https://bit.ly/3jNr9ou) to see Ethiopian coffee ceremonies and historical interpretations of Kaldi.

Explore James’ Filter Stories Instagram (https://bit.ly/2Mlkk0O) and Twitter (https://bit.ly/3baTsJk) to marvel at ancient coffee growing techniques in the mountains of Yemen.

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Future episodes are already out on the ‘A History of Coffee’ podcast channel: http://bit.ly/2NArChO

Coffee and brewing equipment featured in this episode:

Ethiopia - Dimtu Tera Farm, Guji, Odo Shakiso. Roasted by 19 Grams (Berlin): https://bit.ly/3jQxRKv
Yemen - Hasan Al-Salool, Jewain village, West Haraz. Roasted by Darkwoods (UK): http://bit.ly/3db7yxf
Comandante hand grinder: http://bit.ly/3qmTSCN
Sage electric grinder: http://bit.ly/2Zf3NyC

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