5) Latte Foam

44 minutes

When was the last time you picked up a cappuccino with a mountain of foam perched on top? Maybe these are the cappuccinos you make every morning at home.

I personally really, really dislike them! The foam is cold, raspy, and gets in the way of the actual coffee liquid.

How much better would your mornings be if, instead, your cappuccino had that creamy, silky “microfoam” you find in a specialty coffee cafe?

In this episode, I take you deep into the bubbles of latte foam to show you what makes them, what destroys them, and how you can craft mouth-melting lattes.

Along the way I also settle the big debate: what is the actual difference between regular Oatly and Oatly Barista Edition!?


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Go deeper into latte foam science!

Measure your latte foam’s bubble size!
Marvel at tetrakaidecahedra foam for yourself
Check out Steven Abbott’s brilliant science website
Learn how to create microfoam with Lance Hedrick
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