A Girl on a Coffee Farm

41 minutes

Sofía is a teenager living on a coffee farm and was going to school five days a week. But a year later, she’s studying only on Saturdays.

This might sound trivial, but I’m going to take you on a journey to show you why this undermines an industry worth over $30 Billion.


A list of charities working in the coffee sector: https://sritson.com/Good-Hands-in-Coffee-Beta

Buy your next coffee from a marginalized farmer: http://www.marginalizedfarmers.org/

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Piano music composed and performed by James Harper

A big thanks to Jake Warga, Ellen Rolfes, Michael McDowell, Janina Grabs, Helena Wolf, Jenn Rugolo, Vasant Chari, Ed Maine, Rachel Knapp, Adam Harper, Pia Klein, Andrew Johnson

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