Be careful what you dream (it may come true)

24 minutes

You’ve just achieved a life goal. Now what? Dream bigger? Quit while you’re ahead?

When Federico Bolaños fulfills his dream of helping a young Salvadoran win one of the hardest championships in coffee, he wants to aim higher.

But his business partners tell him he risks losing their business.

What Federico does next will change his life and El Salvador in ways he wants, and in ways he doesn’t.

At the end of it all, I ask him: did you make the right choice?


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Guitar song “Frantic" composed and performed by Håkon Vadet ( Produced and mixed by Ekaterina Zueva

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Federico Bolaños' new roastery -

Alejandro Mendez's roastery -

Sound mixing: Dom Edgley /

Piano music composed and performed by James Harper

Filter Stories logo design:

A big thanks to Federico Bolaños, William Hernandez, Alejandro Mendez, Victor Flores Menéndez, Geraldo Diaz

Editorial thanks: Hannah Smith, Jasper Marlow, Pia Klein, Adam Harper, Andrew Johnston

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