Is your coffee building Trump's wall? Part 3: Requiem for a Coffee Republic

26 minutes

You buying a coffee from El Salvador and Trump building a border wall have nothing in common.

Or do they?

Over five episodes, we explore a story of El Salvador. We confront massacres, wide inequality and the specialty coffee you drink today.

Buried deep in this story is a group of people our coffee dollars are neglecting across the world.

In Part 3, we discover what it takes to almost kill coffee completely.


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A big thanks to: Cesar Magana, Mauricio Escalón, Álvaro Castro, Emilio Lopez Diaz, Marco Ariz, Francescopaolo Marolla, Walter Retana, United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation El Salvador, Rony Cordero, Cafe Salkantay Santa Ana, Jodie Cárcamo, Manuel Jesus Lopez, David Velasquez, Gilberto Baraona, Hugo Hernandez, Sara Cortez, Consejo Salvadoreño de Cafe, Tyler Wright, Josh Fontecha, Robert Durrette, Farmers First Coffee, Mauricio Benjamin Bautista Arucha, Israel Márquez, San Carlos Dos Cooperative, Sixto Ramos, Policar Siciliano, Helena Merivel Dias de Jimenez, Olga Carmel Ramirez, Azules Piedras Cooperative, Luis Ortez Ordoñez, Roberto Figero, Jesus Salvador Ortez, Victor Flores, Bronwen Serna
Editorial thanks: Hannah Smith, Tina Ghelani, Adam Harper, Raymond Detweiler, Melanie Böhme, Andrew Johnson, Karin Vališová, Jesse Hartman, Matthias Staeheli

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